Dear Faithful Friends:

I love the Psalms. When I read and meditate on them, I can hear and feel some sorrow, regret, anger and despair.  But, there’s also much peace, hope and rejoicing! The psalmists know who sustains them. 

Psalm 40 is about God sustaining those He loves. Get your Bible out and go there. It starts with David crying out to the Lord, then waiting patiently for His answer (vs.1).  We see Gods faithfulness to His people when David tells us God listened to his cries.  Then He brings David out of the “pit of destruction”. Some times we can be so hurt, or so deep in sin that we go deeper into the pit of destruction.  We forget God is so ready and available to rescue us, but we want to remain in the miry clay (vs. 2).  We may dig in our heels and refuse to take His hand to get up and out, to rejoice and receive forgiveness.  After God takes David out of that pit He showed him a way out by setting his feet upon a rock (vs. 2).  Where are you setting your feet?  When failed relationships or temptation to sin, or just everyday problems bring you to the pit, where do you go or what do you do?  What is the rock you can firmly plant your feet upon? Who can turn your cries into a new song, a song of praise?  Verse 3 tells us that is just what God did for David.

Do you realize we just went through 3 verses of scripture and gleaned so much?  It took only 23 seconds.  23 seconds to learn that a man went from despair to rejoicing.  That his God was there for him and all David had to do was cry out and take His hand, and God would fill him with newness.

Let’s continue on in Psalm 40.  “I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart; I have spoken of Your faithfulness and Your salvation; I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth from the great congregation.” (verse 10) David shares what God has done for him.  That is the beauty of turning over our lives to Jesus.  He sustains, restores, rescues, and picks us up and dusts us off.  We in turn get to go out and share what He did for us with others.

It took me 2 minutes to read all 17 verses of Psalm 40.  Two minutes to fill my mind with God’s Word.  Two minutes to fill me with hope.  Two minutes to let go of sinful thoughts.  Two minutes to realize He is the only one who can sustain me.  Will you take a few minutes each day to receive a multitude of wisdom and then go out and share that wisdom?  As you pray this month for the women on this page, be sure to pray that you will go out and tell others of what God has done for you.

Your Sister In The Lord,