Hey Girls!

I’m so happy and blessed that you’re involved in this prayer ministry. Your prayers do make a difference in another’s life. I have recently seen how the power of prayer has changed my own personal life. And if I hadn’t been open to pray for the Lord to change my heart about going to India, and then surrender to what He had shown me - to go… THEN I would have missed one of the BESTest days of my life (is that even a word? I want you to know that day was better than the best J). It was the day that our India team got to giveaway 35-foot pedal sewing machines to 35 women. And on that same day, we saw the dedication of 2 water wells that had been drilled in 2 very poor villages in Bihar, India. We also had the privilege of meeting some of the people affected by these blessings, praying for them, and sending them off in the name of the Lord!


What a most excellent day that was for me! It was a wonderful day for these Indian people, too! It began with 35 women (who had graduated from tailoring school) receiving their very own sewing machine. This was a very special day. The day that their dreams came true! The day that their prayers were answered and Jehovah Jireh provided for their needs. Provision to make their own clothing and earn an income… plus spiritual needs were met, too! Many of these women raised their hand in response to the Gospel. PTL for that! Many of these women traveled more than 150 miles to get their machine. One woman even came with her newborn girl who was only 9 days old! There were 11 women who missed the afternoon giveaway because of so much traffic on the roads. Oh No! But TIM (transformation India Movement) was gracious and kind to put these women up over night, and care for their needs. These very excited women were given their sewing machine the next morning. What a joy to behold! They were full of faith, expectation and perseverance! You knew without a doubt that those sewing machines were going to make a huge difference in their lives. Thank you NSCF family for your donations!


Then we traveled to some nearby villages - 2 of them - where clean water wells had been drilled. To see the contrast between the murky, dirty, trash-filled water around the village and the clean pure water now available from the well was mind-boggling. By using the simple up and down motion with the hand pump, clean water was freely assessable! I could see on the faces of the people around me what relief it was to have clean water nearby! Many came out to use the well that day. Me + Patti got to hoist that jug of water on our heads along side these women. That was a Kodak moment of pure joy! I’m so thankful I got to experience this & ever more grateful I can turn on the faucet in my home to get the water I need. J


These water wells are another way to share the love of Jesus with an entire village of people. It was very moving to be here. It was humbling to be asked to pray at both wells for the people. God definitely enlarged my border by allowing me the privilege of going to India again. He is so faithful! He took me out of my personal space to show me He is working; He is moving to bring about His will in His world. His desire is that all men and women come to Him. And those of you who were moved to give in this area will reap the spiritual benefits from your selfless giving. Although you didn’t go, God used your giving. BTW, we will have many more opportunities to give for water wells + sewing machines this coming year in women’s ministry. Please be praying that God will continue to do above what we ask or can even think about asking Him…


And to think that I would have missed this huge opportunity in India, to be used by God had I not even asked Him and prayed about it. How many other opportunities have I missed simply because I failed to bring it before the Lord and pray about a matter? I have to admit, one of the main reasons I didn’t want to pray about going to India is I knew in my heart, if He wanted me to go, He could change my heart from saying ‘no’ to saying ‘yes’ to India. I didn’t want that to happen. I had my ‘own agenda’ and expectations about going to India because I have been there 3 other times before. It reminds me of the Mason jar visual I heard from Priscilla Shirer about her little boy trying to get something from the bottom of the Mason jar. He couldn’t get his hand out of the jar. His hand was balled up in a tight fist making it impossible to free his hand. All he needed to do was ‘let go’ of what was in his hand, and he could free his hand! So simple, yet he refused because of the treasure he was holding. In the same way, when I don’t ‘let go’ of my expectations, my agenda, my opinions, my ideas I’m not really free to receive anything from God. My hands are full! We can completely miss opportunities around us by simply refusing to lay down our own agendas. I’m glad that I did finally ‘let go’ of my wants with going to India. Hope my story encourages you to pray. ”The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call on Him in truth.” Psalm 145:18


Blessings, Karen