Hey Girls!


“And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.” Colossians 1:17


Connection! What a great statement of truth here in Colossians! God is before all things, meaning He is not limited to time. And God is the One who is holding all things together. Super glue connection! Without His holding power our world would be a mess!


Connection! Everyone likes to be connected and stay connected in some way. There’s so many different ways to connect with people. We have email connection, voicemail connection, cell phone connection, IG and Facebook connection. And there is the good old fashioned, “Hey you!” face-to-face connection which is one of my favorite ways to connect with people. But the best way to remain connected, after centuries of trying to improve communication, continues to be prayer. In prayer, we sustain our connection with our Lord. When we pray for one another we are connected through prayer. As we pray for one another this month, may the Lord sustain and strengthen our connections with each other.


Connection! Looking for ways to better connect with the women at NSCF? We are hosting, “All the Kings Daughters” Tea & Luncheon on May 11th. It’s at Camp Homelani Pavilion and we would love for you to join us J Our luncheon begins at 11am and our program ends by 1pm. We also have a Spring Marketplace one hour before (10am-11am) and one hour after (1pm-2pm) our Tea event. We would be Tea-lighted to see you there! Please contact Karen at 808.780.9191  sup.karen@yahoo.com


Blessing to you, Karen