But Daniel made up his mind that he would NOT defile himself with the kings choice food or with the wine which he drank. Daniel 1:8


Dear Women Who Are Praying,

Perhaps you’re in a situation you’re not happy or content with.  If you’re a military wife, your spouse may be deployed during the holidays and now all your plans for a joyous occasion has changed.  Maybe it’s your marriage, it’s full of arguments and discord and you can’t see any resolution in sight.  Some of us may have major health issues, we’re weary and we want our old lifestyle back, but it’s not to be.  Perhaps you’re conflicted with what the world is enticing you with and what you know in your heart that God wants and requires of you.  I could go on with many scenarios but you get the picture.  How can I live according to God’s World?

Looking at Daniel 1, he too was thrown and confronted with a way of life that conflicted with what he knew God expected of him.  He was put in an environment that required him to make a choice.  He probably felt fear and discontent facing all sorts of uncertainties.  But he PURPOSED to follow all he knew of God.

We have to remember the world we live in is not our home.  But while we are here, we have to make a difference and show the world our devotion to God.  Show the world how HE wants us to respond to every situation.  It takes resolve, purposing in our hearts and minds not to choose the way of the world.  In Daniels time, he was surrounded with the same temptations we are faced with today.  Yet by his example, he shows us how to respond when we are faced and put in situations where we want to follow our flesh to take over.

God says in Matthew 7:14, the gate to His kingdom is narrow, but not impossible.  He tells us in Matthew 11:30 “For my yoke is EASY and my burden is light”.  As you reflect on the gift of His birth, remember His way is not impossible and His yoke is easy and light. Will you choose joy, contentment, resolve and lean into Him for the strength.  I know I need to be reminded of this daily. Pray this for the gifts of the women at the bottom of this page.

What we are going through is nothing new than those experienced in the Bible. Maybe our clothes and hairstyles have changed; we have more conveniences.  We don’t have to bake our bread daily or skin the goat!  But the temptations, the trials, the disappointments are still the same. If you want to read about others who purposed in their heart when facing difficult situations check out: Joseph (Gen.39: 41); David (1Sam: 17); Esther (Esther 4); Peter & John (Acts 4:13-31) just a few.

My Christmas gift to you is to Live For Christ!  He never disappoints. 

Merry Christmas, Sharon