Commands Of Christ Bookmarks - PDF

Command of Christ #1 - Video

-Start Here: 411 Training Slides (Espanol)
-Gospel: 3 Circles
-Discipleship: Commands of Christ (Espanol | Command 1 Video)
-Training Card: Front / Back
-4 Fields Planning Worksheet For Leaders
-Training Manual: The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth  (PDF)  [Spanish Edition]

The 5 Parts/ 4 Fields of Jesus Strategy [Extended | Simple]
Tools Filled in The 4 Fields Diagram (Video)

1. Entry Strategy:
-Oikos Map (video)
-Luke 10 House of Peace Search (video)

2. Gospel:
-3 Circles (video | script)
-15-Second Testimony (video)
-4 Responses to the Gospel (video)

3. Discipleship:
    -411 Training Slides (Espanol)
-Commands of Christ (Espanol | Command 1 Video)
-3/3s Format (video)
-SWORD Bible Study Method

4. Church Formation:
-Church Circle (Acts 2:36-47)
-Handy Guide to Church Start (Left Hand)
-7 Stories of the Church

5. Leadership Development:
    -The 4 Fields Manual 
-MAWL (Video | MAWL Map)
-5 Levels of Movement Leadership (video | Article)
-4 Stages of Movement (Video | Article)
-Handy Guide to Healthy Church (Right Hand)
-Catalyzing Movement from Phase 4 (video)
-God's Mission: Genesis to Revelation (video | audio | handout)
-Generational Mapping (video)
-5 Parts/4 Fields Chapter Discovery (worksheet)
-Iron on Iron "IOI" (video)
-Paul's Journeys (Video | Training Slides | Case Study)
-Two-Church Principle (video)
    -Swarm Training (video)
    -Precision Harvesting
-Baptism Hammer (handout)
-4 Fields Planning Worksheet for Leaders
    -The Brutal Facts / #NoPlaceLeft Vision (video)
    -The Heavenly Father's Heart
    *Abiding in Jesus (John 15)
-IGNITE Prayer Guide by Kaye Johns
    -Abiding in Jesus w Chuck Wood VIDEOS:
Introduction | Holy Spirit | Word of God | Prayer
      +Books for Timothys:
-Church Planting By the Book by E. Elbert Smith (Kindle)
    -Missionary Methods by Roland Allen
-Spontaneous Expansion of the Church by Roland Allen

3 Phases of Movement - Training Manuals:
-Phase 1 - MULTIPLICATION of Churches: "The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth" by N. Shank
-Phase 2 - PASTORAL Development: "Foundations for Emerging Leaders" by J. Houk
-Phase 3 - DOCTRINAL Development: "Confessions of the Faith for CPM" by N. Shank