Karen Stangel


Women's Discipleship at NSCF is a ministry to help women grow in the spiritual disciplines. One to One Discipleship for Women is a nine-session course to help another believer learn the basics of her Christian Fatih. One mature woman in her faith meeting regularly one-on-one with another woman in her faith to help her gain convictions from the truths of God's Word, and walk obediently in those truths.

Topics include assurance of salvation, attributes of God, the Bible, prayer, the Holy Spirit, fellowship, witnessing, and temptation and obedience. There is weekly homework and each lesson has verses to read with questions to answer on that topic. BTW, it's not dry, dusty doctrine, but extremely practical in it's application to our daily lives.

One to One Discipleship is not just for new believers; it can deepen a relationship with the Lord in all Christian women. The Holy Spirit may use this study to call you to pass on what you have learned by joining this ministry. In one to one women's discipleship, one woman helps another establish spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, quiet time, and sharing her faith so that she can entrust the same to another reliable woman. This course consists of nine once-a-week sessions arranged at mutually conventient times and places.