Yohane Mwandwanga

Yohane Mwandwanga is a missionary to the Yao people, who live along Lake Malawi. After becoming an orphan, and overcoming tremendous trials, God called Yohane to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to this Muslim area. With a humble heart, he started serving the people in one of the villages. As Muslims started turning to Christ, he began to disciple them. Although they have all experienced persecution, more continue to put their trust in Jesus!

How To Pray

That many Muslims would come to Christ
Family Members: Mercy (wife), Joy, Timothy and Peter (sons). The kids frequently get malaria.
That God would sustain the people of Malawi during the famine
For strength and perseverance for the converts who will experience persecution

Stay In Touch

Write to Yohane and his family at, or find him on Facebook!